Why does my cat eat grass?  Green food phytonutrients - Nature’s “green miracles” are what your cat seeks.  Wild animals as well as domestic animals rely on an intuitive sense to maintain their health and well-being.  Throughout history green grasses have been known to contain virtually every vitamin, mineral and trace element known to man.  As a supplement, grass provides an extraordinary selection of nutrients essential for life itself.
Heating and processing of commercial pet food destroy many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your cat needs. Nu-Pet® Feline Antioxidant contain powerful “live” whole food phytonutrients that support your cat’s health with all known enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Taurine, cysteine, and glutathione help heart health, build muscle, and may help reduce cellular oxidative damage.  Also cuts down on shedding which in turn cuts down on hairballs.
Wheat free, yeast free, gluten free. Great taste, low calorie, made in the USA!