We consider this the ultimate interactive dog toy! Dogs love the sound of an empty water bottle! Designed to provide protection around a water bottle, Crinkits give your dog an interactive toy they won't want to put down. 

USA Made and Sourced Quality matters and that’s why we manufacture Crinkits in the USA, and our material is also sourced in the USA. 

ZIGFLEX Our ZIGFLEX material is a thermoplastic elastomer or sometimes referred to as TPE contains the highest tear properties available for a TPE. Advantages:

Highly durable and it floats
Easy to recycle compared to rubber
Compounding or fillers are not needed for reinforcement
FDA approved material
Consistency is very high
No BPA’s or Phthalates
Easy to rinse clean

ECO durable ECO durable is how we describe our product. TPE is a natural material, easy to recycle, and most of all, it consumes less during production. Although highly durable, this product is for interaction and is not a chew toy.

Instructions: Most empty 16.9oz water bottles fit into a larger Crinkits. The smaller Crinkits take 8oz water bottles only. Securing the cap tightly back onto the empty bottle allows the bottle to slide in easier. Put a little soap and water over the empty water bottle to help with inserting or taking out the bottle. It also helps to take the wrapper off the bottle. Once the bottle is inside, rinse off any excess soap.

Soap is just a suggestion. Customers are getting creative with what they use to help get the water bottle inside. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Happy Crinking!