Pure Ayre- Pet Odor Eliminator

Pure Ayre is a naturally powerful solution that breaks up the molecular bonds of odor, providing a safe, vet-recommended solution for pet odors in your home. It also gets rid of skunk odor, and is powerful enough for use in situations with many animals, like veterinary clinics, animal shelters, kennels and more.

PureAyre works. It is the most effective pet odor eliminator you can buy. Comprised of food-grade enzymes in purified water, PureAyre does not contain bacteria, alcohol or citrus. You can spray it directly onto your pets and onto their bedding. You can use it around the elderly, young children, and people with respiratory problems.

Pure Ayre can eliminate odors from all kinds of pets, including dogs, birds, outdoor animals such as squirrels that creep into your yard or on your porches, and much more. The effect of spraying the product are instant, and it works on contact. Pure Ayre is 100% Food Grade, non-toxic and safe for:

  • All pets
  • Carpets (it's safe to use in cleaners)
  • Furniture
  • Foam padding
  • Cat Boxes
  • Laundry

You can also use it directly on your pet's coat to eliminate pet odors! It works on contact with the pet odor so you use less and you have a much shorter drying time. In fact, we discourage you from soaking an anima or area with PureAyre because it's just not necessary, and saturating an area can spread the urine contamination.


The ingredients include:

  • Pure enzymes
  • Pure essential oils
  • Purified water

*Contains no bacteria, chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers.